Shasvastii Seed-Soldiers (Combi Rifle) Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Shasvastii Seed-Soldiers (Combi Rifle)

Towar na zamówienie. Czas realizacji  od 7 do 14 dni roboczych

Shasvastii Seed-Soldiers (Combi Rifle). The Seed-Soldiers are one of the strategic mainstays of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force. Their automatic deploying programs are designed to locate and bury the Seeds in positions well hidden from sight and from satellite vigilance, until their hour comes.

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Stan: Towar na zamówienie. Czas realizacji od 7 do 14 dni roboczych

57,00 zł

Sale Info: This blister includes a Seed-Soldier with Combi Rifle and D.E.P. Thanks to its Forward Deployment and Limited Camouflage, it will allow us to control the game table and eliminate heavily armored troops using its D.E.P. Complete your Shasvastii Expeditionary Force from Operation: Wildfire