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Soldiers Of Fortune

The most badass group you are going to find.

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Stan: Towar na zamówienie. Czas realizacji od 7 do 14 dni roboczych

145,00 zł


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Señor Massacre, a mercenary who shoots and cuts up people with his katanas while he knocks them out with his irrepressible prattle. Valkyrie, an unstoppable Nordic goddess who slices people open from top to bottom with her enormous axe. Laxmee, a master combat hacker descended from the Maasai warrior tribes, African ferocity in its purest form. And leading them all, Hannibal, the man with the plan, the strategist who always finds a way no matter how complicated the situation may be.

Sale Info: This box includes four miniatures:  Hannibal with a MULTI Marksman Rifle, Señor Massacre with a Boarding Shotgun, Valkyrie with a Boarding Shotgun and a Laxmee with a Submachine Gun and a Pitcher. Reinforce your Foreign Company, NA2 Sectorial Army, with the hardest, most versatile, and most feared team in the Human Sphere.