Carmen Johns & Bâtard Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Carmen Johns & Bâtard

Stan: Towar na zamówienie. Czas realizacji od 7 do 14 dni roboczych

145,00 zł

This blister includes one miniature: a Echo-Bravo with a Light Rocket Launcher. Thanks to his Airborne Infiltration Special Skill, he will spread the chaos among the enemy lines. An addition that will provide mobility to your Varuna Immediate Reaction Division

This box includes two miniatures: Carmen Johns mounted on a Motorcycle and the Antipode Bâtard. Add brute force with great speed to your army with this dangerous mercenary biker and her synchronized Antipode.

Armies: Ariadna (Tartary Army Corps) / Haqqislam (Ramah Taskforce) / NA2