Kiel-Saan Covert Assault Unit (Mk12) Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Kiel-Saan Covert Assault Unit (Mk12)

Add brute force to your Spiral Corps Army Pack with this huge Heavy Infantry equipped with Mk12. His Symbiont Armor gives him what he needs to become a formidable adversary.

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Stan: Towar na zamówienie. Czas realizacji od 7 do 14 dni roboczych

55,00 zł


-11,00 zł

66,00 zł

The Kiel-Saan deploy as a backup support unit, out of contact with the main covert unit, and wait in ‘sleep mode,’ never more than two, to maintain as low a profile as possible. They activate when H hour arrives, or when the situation goes awry and the main unit needs an exit. Then, the Kiel-Saan howl and inject the MetaChemistry drugs into their symbiont and there the covert part of their mission ends.