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Starmada Action Pack

Starmada, O-12’s space fleet, was born out of the need of the Bureau Aegis to be a global action force, endowed with an acting capacity that reaches anywhere in the Sphere.

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This box includes nine miniatures for the Starmada Sectorial Army of O-12: One Kappa with HMG, one Kappa with MULTI Sniper Rifle, one Kappa Hacker, one Lawkeeper with his fast Motorcycle, one Bluecoat with Submachine Gun, one Crusher with Combat Jump and Boarding Shotgun, one Crusher with Forward Deployment and MULTI Rifle, one Bronze with MULTI Rifle and Light Riotstopper and, leading this combat force, Saladin, the Recreation of the charismatic leader from the age of the Crusades.
The perfect box to start collecting and playing with Starmada, the first O-12 Sectorial Army.